Best IVF Centres & Doctors in India

Best IVF Centres & Doctors In India

Welcome to IVF Directory where we try to help you find the best IVF doctors and clinics all across India. Our thorough selection criteria and process ensure you that we suggest only the best IVF gynaecologist and IVF clinics, which help you find the one suitable for your IVF treatment.

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF has shown a new ray of hope to infertile couples who had lost hope of ever having their own child.

Holding your own baby in your arms is truly a mesmerizing experience and IVF treatment and it’s medication has led the path to achieving this reality. 

India has become the most economical destination for IVF treatment and for this reason, it is the best choice among the couples all over the world.

The best IVF centers in India offer all-inclusive facilities to those seeking IVF treatment. 

IVF Treatment Process

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) features five steps namely

  • Stimulation
  • Egg retrieval
  • Insemination
  • Embryo Culture
  • Transfer


IVF process requires multiple eggs and with these eggs only you can expect the chance of nurturing the embryo.

In the stimulation process, the doctor prescribes for you to take fertility drugs to increase the egg count.

At the same time, the doctor performs several blood tests in a regular interval to check the status of your egg production through the ultrasound method.

Egg Retrieval

Once your doctor has the confirmation of multiple eggs, he follows a surgical procedure known as egg retrieval. It is also called follicular aspiration.

Using an ultrasound wand he leads a needle all the through your vagina and ovary and reaches into a follicle houses the egg and suctions out the eggs.


In the Insemination process being a male partner, you have to provide your semen sample in which an assistant will mix up the sperm with retrieved eggs to produce embryos.

Embryo Culture

The doctor performs comprehensive testing on the produced embryos to access their genetic conditions. At the same time, he also checks the condition of fertilized eggs to ensure your condition is standard.


It is the time to implant embryos where your doctor inserts a catheter into your uterus passing through the vagina and cervix. Using the catheter, he discharges the embryo into your uterus.

The pregnancy process starts once your doctor implants the embryo and you can go for a blood pregnancy test right after twelve days of your embryo transfer.

You can also have a confirmation following an Ultrasound. 

IVF cost in India

The cost of In Vitro Fertilization depends on the location and its diagnosis process. For this reason, the cost is different from person to person.

The IVF cost in India is usually around 5 lakhs and in between 1 lakh to 1.25 lakh per IVF process. The cost alters according to modern treatment methods.

It is quite a challenge to manage such expenses to perform an IVF for having your own baby, still India is the most favourite country for IVF treatment. 

Best IVF centers in India

India is the best destination for medical tourism and features some of the best IVF centers and doctors.

Here we have compiled a list of best IVF centers in India.

Select IVF India, Delhi

Select IVF India ranks one along with the top five IVF centers in the country and emerging because of its uneatable treatment of IVF and services.

It houses a dedicated team that includes some of the most prominent doctors in the country having more than thirty years of experience in infertility treatment. Select IVF India features a success rate of more than 80%.

Contact –

Jaslok Hospital & Research Center, Mumbai

Jaslok FertilTree, a part of Jaslok hospital & research center, is a pioneer in IVF, ICSI, LAH and embryo cryopreservation.

Since its inception, the IVF center has facilitated more than 12,000 new lives. 

Contact –

BirthRight Fertility Center by Rainbow Hospitals, Hyderabad

BirthRight Fertility center by Rainbow Hospitals, Hyderabad offers fertility treatments like IUI, ICSI, IVF to millions of infertile couples and help them fulfill their dream using the latest technologies.

You can also take advantage of facilities like cryopreservation, preconception counseling and assisted hatching by the hospital.

Contact –

Indira IVF centers

Indira IVF center is one of the most renowned IVF centers in India and started in the year 1988 in Udaipur. As of now it has a wide range of fertility clinics all over the country and provides well-equipped facilities to infertile couples. It has a 66% success rate.

Contact –

Best IVF Doctors/Gynaecologists in India

Getting blessed with a baby is truly a dream come true and it eradicates years of frustration.

To achieve such a miracle India houses some of the finest doctors who are the key in medical tourism in the country.

Dr. Vaishali Sharma

Dr. Vaishali Sharma is one of the prominent faces in IVF treatment and gynaecology in the country. She caters to High-risk pregnancy care, pregnancy loss treatment, gynecological treatment and many more.

Academically she has an MBBS degree from GSVM medical college and an MD degree from AIIMS.

She has been awarded as the most promising Gynecologists in North India by GHEA and is a member of FOGSI, ISFP, and AOGD.

Currently Dr. Sharma is practicing at Milann Fertility center, one of the leading Fertility chains in Ahmedabad. It offers a homely environment along with an affordable IVF treatment facility to couples seeking IVF treatment.

Dr. Kaushiki Sarkar

Dr. Kaushiki Sarkar is popular as one of the best Gynaecologists and IVF specialists in India and also is an expert in intrauterine insemination, sperm retrieval and stimulating ovulation. 

Dr. Sarkar is a member of the Indian Society For Assisted Reproduction as well as the Indian Fertility Society. She is currently associated with AMRI hospital, Kolkatta for the last eight years and features several awards and certificates under her belt.

Dr. Swati Allahbadia

Dr. Swati Allahbadia is a senior Gynaecologist and is proficient in IVF, IUI, endoscopic surgery and ovarian stimulation.

She is associated with many renowned hospitals and IVF centers and is currently practicing at Rotunda known as the Center for Human Reproduction.

Utilizing her support and expertise the hospital offers the best possible treatments and services in the field of In vitro fertilization, embryo freezing, preimplantation genetic diagnosis test.

Dr. Manish Banker

Dr. Manish banker is another popular face among the infertility specialist in the country. He has more than 15,000 infertility cases under his belt owing to his 22 years of experience. 

He is a Gold Medalist and an MBBS & MD from Gujarat University and a diploma in IVF from the University of Giel, Germany.

Furthermore, he is the regional representative to the International Committee For Monitoring ART. Dr Banker has various journals and chapters in IVF & ART treatments. 

IVF Success Rate in India

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is an effective way to treat infertility using innovative reproductive technologies. India is one of the best countries for IVF treatment with a good success rate.

But the success rate is completely dependent on factors like the age, condition of the uterus, number of eggs, quality and maturity of the eggs and number of transferred embryos. 

Although innovative technology is not a hundred percent guarantee but IVF success rate in India ranges between 40 to 60 percent.

If you consider the rate more technically then it is between 70 to 80 percent for women under the age of 35 to 40 and 50 percent for women above 40 years.


Numerous hurdles may come in your way during the IVF treatment, but it is always advisable to follow the instructions of the doctor and undergo the treatment so that you can take your newborn baby home.

Before opting for IVF you should choose the best IVF center, best doctor and discuss with them beforehand about the difficulties, the treatment details and the overall price you need to pay before you start the treatment.

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