Best IVF doctors and Centers in Greater Noida

Best IVF Doctors And Centers In Greater Noida

It is quite possible to lose the hope of having your own child if you are struggling with infertility and unable to conceive a baby after years of effort.

In such a scenario, IVF is a trusted phenomenon which uses Assisted Reproduction Techniques to treat infertility.

But undergoing infertility treatment is not that easy; you have to prepare yourself emotionally and financially and find the best IVF clinic that is reliable, authentic and affordable along with IVF specialists.

 If you are looking for the best IVF centre and IVF doctors in Greater Noida, then you are at the right platform.

Best IVF Centers in Greater Noida

Here we have made a useful list of top-rated medicals, IVF clinics along with the best IVF doctors who feature years of experience.

All these IVF clinics in Greater Noida are fully advanced in the field of infertility treatment and provide the best solutions for fertility with a decent success rate.  

Jaypee Hospital, Greater Noida 

Jaypee Hospital, Greater Noida is a multi-speciality hospital located in the Greater Noida Expressway and provides a wide range of fertility treatments such as In Vitro Fertilization, Artificial Insemination, Intrauterine Insemination and Clinical Embryology.

Jaypee Hospital is a reliable name among the patients and helps them with the latest technologies and high-quality care services.

It also houses some of the proficient infertility specialists including Dr Shweta Goswami. Being one of the best infertility centers in Greater Noida Jaypee Hospital has acclaimed the many awards and accreditations. 

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Navin Hospitals

Navin Hospitals in Greater Noida offers the best yet economic healthcare services and is one of the best hospitals in the city.

It offers top-class diagnostic, treatment and therapeutic services to the patients utilizing the latest and advanced technologies.

It houses a team of highly skilled physicians and specialists in the field of IVF and gynaecology and takes care of infertility, IUI, embryo transfer and high-risk pregnancy cases.

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Kumar Hospitals

Kumar hospitals located in Sector Beta-II offers services like infertility evaluation, infertility treatment (IVF) and general medical consultation.

All the services are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technologies for an accurate diagnosis and treatment of infertility. 

The infertility center is backed by IVF specialists like Dr Mukta Mani, who is an MBBS & MS in Obstetrics and gynaecology and instrumental in the higher success rate of IVF treatment.

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Max healthcare, Greater Noida

Max healthcare is one of the leading hospital chains in the country which provides a seamless and world-class service to its patients.

It houses more than 2300 international standard doctors who comprehend the patients and take the utmost care.

The hospital is entirely instrumental in the field of In Vitro Fertilization with the assistance of renowned Dr Sonia Malik, Dr Bhavna Banga and Dr Surveen Ghumman Sindhu.

It caters to advanced treatments like IVF, assisted hatching, blastocyst transfer and egg donation. Max healthcare is committed to providing infertile couples with the best and effective treatment for infertility so that they can be blessed with their own baby.

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 Best IVF Doctors in Greater Noida

An IVF center or hospital cannot be successful without the guidance of IVF specialists and experienced ones.

Here is a list of some of the best doctors in the field of obstetrics & Gynaecology and especially in infertility treatment and features a domestic as well as international experience over the years.

Dr Rashmi Jain

Dr Rashmi Jain is a Gynaecologist and an expert in IVF treatment. She specializes in infertility treatment, laparoscopic surgery, IUI and last but not the least high-risk pregnancies.

At Rashmi Jain IVF clinic, she utilizes the latest technologies and advanced methodologies for treating your infertility issues and brings a smile on your face.    

Academically she is an MBBS from Maharani Laxmi Bai college Jhansi and DGO-Diploma in Gynaecology & Obstetrics from King Georges Medical College.  

Dr Jyoti Mishra

Dr Jyoti Mishra is another renowned name in Greater Noida for IVF treatment. She is a gynaecologist & Obstetrician and has enormous experience in the field of infertility treatment.

She completed her MBBS & MD from Gandhi College, Bhopal and Advanced Infertility from CIMAR. Currently, Dr Mishra is associated with IMA, IDA, and IAGE and also expert in advanced treatments like IVF and IUI. 

Dr Neha Gupta

Dr Neha Gupta is well-known for her success rate in In Vitro Treatment and features more than 12 years of experience in this field. She is an alumnus of Dr B.R Ambedkar Medical College and has done extensive training in ART Germany. 

At present, she is associated with Mediworld Healthcare center as a senior infertility specialist. She is also a crucial member of the Federation of Obstetric & Gynaecological Societies of India. Her expertise includes infertility treatment, intrauterine insemination. 

IVF Treatment Cost in Greater Noida

Infertility treatment is highly essential if as a couple you are unable to conceive a child naturally but wish to be parents.

In such cases, the best hospitals and IVF centers use advanced technologies and treat your infertility issues. The IVF treatment cost in Greater Noida completely depends on your age, fertility complication and the rating of IVF center.

On average, it can cost you anything in between 1,50,000 Lakhs to 4,00,000 Lakhs on the whole.

IVF Success Rate in Greater Noida

IVF success rate in Greater Noida is not static; it varies from one hospital to another. But if we look into the overall estimation, then it is around 55 to 60 % for the women below the age of 35 and 40 to 45 % for women above 35 years of age. Hence age plays a crucial part in the success rate of IVF treatment. 

On the other hand, the success rate also depends on the newest technologies and the expertise of the doctors on those technologies like ERA and Embryoscope.

According to research, such techniques can enhance the success rate by 10 per cent. 


Does IVF work the first time?

The success of IVF for the first time is somehow dependent on the age of the women. Usually, women below 40 years of age have a 42 percent chance of positive IVF, whereas the percent decreases exponentially according to age.

Does Progesterone delay period after IVF?

Yes, Progesterone can delay period right after IVF, so an immediate pregnancy test is highly essential.

Is IVF safe?

Yes, IVF is safe, and one of the most effective techniques to treat infertility but features some low risks like multiple gestations, ectopic pregnancy, and it can also lead to the birth of twins.

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