Best IVF Centers and IVF Doctors In Noida

Best IVF Centers And IVF Doctors In Noida

IVF or In Vitro Fertility, is an excellent way for infertility treatment and is driven through Assisted Reproduction techniques.

If you are going through complications of infertility, then you should consult with the best IVF doctors and follow their guidance.

If you are looking for the best IVF centers in Noida, then this article is the best which features some of the renowned IVF centers along with a brief on the best doctors.  

Here Are A List Of Best IVF centers in Noida 

Here is a list of top rated IVF centers in Noida which employs advanced technologies and latest treatment equipment. 

Vrinda Fertility Sector 22, Noida 

Vrinda Fertility is one of the renowned IVF and fertility centres in Noida. It offers state-of-the-art facilities in IVF and infertility treatment, frozen embryo transfer, artificial insemination and other specialities.

For the well-being of patients, the fertility center follows all the international quality standards in this laboratory.

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Little Angel IVF Noida Sector 92

Little Angel IVF Noida Sector 92 is truly one among the highly reputed IVF centers in Noida and Delhi NCR. It maintains international quality and follows all the ethics and transparency in the infertility treatment.

It houses some of the best and internationally acclaimed doctors and maintains a success rate of more than 70 per cent.   

Using its latest technologies, the IVF clinic has completed more than 3000 successful IVF pregnancies.

Furthermore, the IVF treatment center continuously delivers the required results and has become one of the most sought-after destinations for all those childless couples. 

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Adam And Eve Test Tube Baby & Fertility Center Sector 12 

Adam and Eve test tube baby & Fertility center is another IVF treatment center in Noida, which is well-known for its treatment success rate of up to 70 per cent.

As of now, the fertility center has delivered around 2000 babies successfully using its latest equipment and advanced technologies.  

Adam and Eve Test tube baby & Fertility center is the brainchild of Dr Akash Sharma and Dr Sarita and initiated in the year 2007 to offer innovative yet successful treatment facilities to the couples and be the silver lining in the lives of helpless and infertility couples.  

The fertility center follows a patient-centric approach for fertility treatment and till now has helped more than 800 couples along with a bundle of joy. If you want to feel parenthood and give a new angle to your dreams, then this could be the best destination.  

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Zeeva Fertility, Noida

Start your journey to be blessed with bundles of joy and become parents irrespective of fertility issues with Zeeva Fertility, Noida.

More than 2500 couples have accessed the benefit of advanced treatment and the latest equipment. Here at Zeeva Fertility, you will get maximum results at every stage of In Vitro Fertility cycle.  

The infertility treatment at Zeeva fertility starts right after an in-depth evaluation and figuring out your issues for a maximum outcome.

Its expert team is completely committed to help you all through the treatment process and provide you with complete care. Zeeva Fertility, Noida facilitates treatments like IVF, IUI, Embryo Cryopreservation, Surrogacy, Blastocyst Culture & transfer, ICSI and Egg donation.

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Best IVF Doctors in Noida 

If you are curious to know the specifics of the best IVF doctors in Noida then check out the list. 

Dr Anuska Madan

Dr Anuska Madan currently is the director-medical operations at Vrinda Fertility center, Noida. She is one of the leading IVF specialists in Noida having experience for more than 19 years.

Dr Madan is a Gold Medalist in MS Obstetrics & Gynaecology. She is also a visiting consultant at Apollo Hospital Noida. She has hands-on experience starting from the consultation to ultrasounds and up to the stage of embryo transfer.  

She is a renowned IVF expert for reproductive medicine and technology and enormous experience in assisted reproduction, reproductive technology for successful IVF treatment. 

Dr Sarita

Dr Sarita is one of the founder members of Adam and Eve test tube baby and fertility center, Noida. She is the first doctor in India who brought in all the advanced reproductive services for infertility treatment under one roof.

Dr Sarita is quite passionate about her work and utilizes her expertise to treat infertility. 

She has completed a clinical fellowship in reproductive medicine from King’s College, London and PGD in Ultrasonography from Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, USA. 

Dr Kaberi Banerjee

Dr Kaberi Banerjee has a decade of experience in infertility treatment and management along with a seasoned obstetrician.

She is the director of Advanced Fertility & Gynaecological center, New Delhi and renowned as of the best IVF specialist. 

Over the years, Dr Banerjee has handled more than 6000 pregnancy cases along with complicated issues like surrogacy and IVF failures. 

She is a trained IVF specialist of Guys and St. Thomas Hospital, London and alumni of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. 

Dr Mona Dahiya

Dr Mona Dahiya is a highly admired physician in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and has more than 18 years of experience.

She is specialized in the field of infertility and gained experience in various renowned institutes of India as well as Singapore. 

She is an expert in ICSI and IUI apart from IVF and experienced enough to bring a smile on your face. She also has extensive knowledge on natural cycle frozen embryo transfer, double stimulation, testicular sperm extraction and many more.

Academically she is an MBBS from Lady Hardinge Medical College and MD in Obstetrics & Gynaecology from Maulana Azad Medical College New Delhi.

At present, she is the director of Little Angel IVF, Noida and provides an in-depth and detailed approach for diagnosing and treating infertile patients. 

IVF treatment cost in Noida

On average, the IVF treatment cost in Noida usually ranges between 1 lakh to 1.25 lakh per cycle. Remember, the treatment cost varies from a fertility center to another, and the cost is dependent on the patient’s age, condition of your sperm and type of fertility issues. 

IVF success rate in Noida

While calculating the IVF success rate the age of the patient plays a crucial role. The rate is higher in women below 35 years of age, and it decreases according to age.

On the other hand, the quality and number of Embryos also another crucial factor to decide the IVF success rate in Noida.

Usually, the private medicals and fertility centers in India acclaims a success rate of 60-70 per cent for women below 35 years and 50 per cent for women of with age 40 years. 


Are you more fertile after IVF?

According to research, it is true that you are more fertile after IVF, if you maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle right after treatment. 

Does IVF require surgery? 

In Vitro Fertilization process is all about fertilizing the egg using sperm and then implant the fertilized egg in the uterus. The complete process is a combination of medicines as well as surgical procedures.  

Can you do IVF without hormones? 

Yes, with the help of In Vitro Maturation (IVM) you can go for it without hormones. Even with this, you could have a better chance of getting pregnant, and you do not have to go through powerful hormones to stimulate your ovaries.

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